The Direct Reading Dosimeter are rugged, precision instruments. They are designed to measure and directly read, at any time accumulated dose of gamma and x-ray radiation exposure. The Direct Reading Dosimeter is designed to satisfy military specification for the IM-Series RADIAC METER and ANSI N13.5 and N322 requirements. The sturdy metal clip attaches the dosimeter to a pocket or any object to monitor total radiation exposure. They are hermetically-sealed and immersion proof.




• Lightweight pocket-size carbon-fiber electroscope design with sturdy metal pocket clip • Thin-walled chamber for detecting exposure to Gamma and X-Ray radiation • The low energy feature has hospital applications (fluoroscopy, portable radiography, and angiography) • The entire unit is hermetically-sealed and waterproof • All models are available with a protective hard (Sapphire) window to prevent the lens from being scratched.


The Arrow Tech Direct-Reading Dosimeter offers multiple Models/Ranges.

Model Range 138 0-200mR 138-8 0-2mSv 500 0-500mR 500-8 0-5mSv 720 0-2R 725 0-5R 725-S 0-50mSv 730 0-20R 735 0-50R 740 0-100R 742 0-200R 746 0-600R

Note: It is highly recommended that units that will be used in harsh environments be purchased with a Sapphire Window.

Simply designate a “W” preceding the Model number when ordering.

Radiation Detected: Gamma and X-Ray from 16 keV to 6 MeV

Ranges: 0—200 mR to 0—600R

Detector: Fiber electrometer mounted in an electrically conductive plastic ion chamber

Detector Housing: Very low permeability plastics hermeticaIIy-sealed

Accuracy: Within + or — 10% of true exposure

Rate Response: Dose rate independent for gamma and x-ray

Electrical Leakage: Less than 1.0% of full scale for 24 hours at 50 C

Temperature Range: -20 degrees C to + 50 degrees C

Relative Humidity: Up to 90%

Dimensions: Length: 4.5” (12.4 cm) Diameter .6 “ (1.5 cm)

Weight: 1.0 oz (25 grams)

Warranty: 2 year Limited Warranty

Manufactured to ANSI N13.5 & ANSI N322-1997