Inspector Alert V2

The IMI Inspector Alert V2 measures alpha, beta, gamma and X-radiation using a 2-inch “pancake” GM detector with high sensitivity to common beta and alpha sources.

The easy to read digital display shows reading in your choice of Dose Rate – µSv/hr or mR/hr, and Count Rate – CPM or CPS. The Total / Timer feature allows timed readings from one minutes to 40 hours for precise measurement of low-level contamination. An Audible alert sounds when the radiation reaches a user-adjustable level.



  • Quickly alerts user to the presence of harmful levels of nuclear radiation
  • Detects noble gases and low energy radionuclides
  • Automatically compensates for GM tube dead time
  • Will not jam in high radiation fields
  • Meets CE Certification, RoHS compliant an WEEE standards