High Performance

VIEW™ Micro-Metrology solves the most demanding high volume, production-oriented metrology challenges. VIEW’s advanced metrology software packages, VMS and Elements, are designed to be adaptable and open environments capable of addressing the individual needs of each measurement application. These proprietary software tools, backed by a staff of developers and metrology specialists, offer you a made-to-measure metrology solution for your manufacturing control requirements.

VMS is a development environment designed to give the user access to powerful and flexible functionality in order to create customizable measurement routines all without sacrificing ease-of-use. This is done by providing an advanced video metrology tool set designed for stand-alone metrology applications as well as integration into high volume production settings. VMS is the clear choice for demanding metrology requirements with complex dimensions in high volume manufacturing.

Elements is designed around a CAD-to-measure paradigm that uses 2D CAD models or placement files to generate inspections and routines with ease. Through the use of the imported CAD data and model-based, rule-centric programming, setting up routines to measure tens of thousands of features is quick and easy. The inspection is then automatically optimized to ensure the measurement data is gathered as quickly as possible. The Elements advantage lies in handling vast numbers of discrete features quickly and efficiently.