The ideal static-eliminating devices equipped with No-wind TRINC (a completely no-air-blowing operation) cause neither a breeze nor dust to raise. Ionizing everything inside the space of the factory by radiating ions without air blow is a world only one technology to realize a clean environment where no dust clings to products.

The Static-freeSpaceTRINC, or so called “Room-less Clean Room ®” is now used in almost all fields such as automobile, electric, chemical, food and medical, and proven repeatedly by famous reports for a marvelous achievement of diminished defect rate.


The static-free environment generated without air-assist Ionization in a whole space filled with dust Clean room — what a waste! Humidification is not required. Workers are freed from a wrist strap. Device “error” signals are output to outside equipment.


• Static elimination of wide space whole • A perfect “No-wind Static Ionizing®” • Drastic reduction of dust-related problems • Roomless-clean room® (Clean Room with no walls) • No humidification required — A new antistatic and anti-dust measures • Anti-wrist strap — A new antistatic step in place of wrist strap • Super simple maintenance — Cleaning needles with one-touch control