JewelBox Ultra Compact

High resolution, real-time, x-ray inspection capability

Glenbrook Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1983to meet the needs of the manufacturing industry forreal-time x-ray systems to inspect multilayer printedcircuit boards, components and assemblies. Our productscan be found in Medical, Electronic & Security applications.

Our in-depth knowledge of x-ray imaging technology hasled us to develop many innovations in real-time x-raytechnology covered by numerous patents. Today, over 2000customers in more than 40 countries realize the benefits ofGlenbrook’s superior x-ray imaging technology.

Glenbrook’s Technology Center, opened in 1998, includesthe company’s world headquarters, manufacturing facilitiesand applications laboratory. Here we pursue our ongoingcommitment to advancing x-ray inspection technology throughcontinuing research and development. Additional offices arelocated in Hong Kong and China. All of our products are handcrafted in the U.S.A.




• Operating voltage: 120V/60hz or 220V/50hz

• Anode Voltage: 0 to 80 kV (Adjustable)

• Anode Current: Up to 200 micro-amps (Adjustable)

• Field of View: 25 millimeters or 50 millimeters

• Resolution: 10 microns (depending on magnification)

• Magnification: 500x geometric & 1,200x optical (Adj.)

• Focal spot size: 10 micron

• Nominal Exterior Dimensions: 22”W x 26”D x 27¼”H

• Manipulator: five-axis joystick positioner

• X/Y Object Travel Distance: 5.5” x 9″

• Laser Locator for precise location

• Image Processor: GTI Image Processing Software (GTI-2000 or GTI-5000) with variable frame averaging, contrast adjustment, measurement capability, image save in tiff, jpg or avi video formats

• CE Approved