Jewel Box 90T

The Jewel Box 90-T delivers precision x-ray images of ultra high resolution and gray scale accuracy without the aberrations of Voltage Blooming and Pincushioning prevalent in other systems. The patented, award-winning x-ray camera technology, in conjunction with its 90kV, 5 micron focal spot x-ray source, delivers precise x-ray images at magnifications from 7X to 2000X with a resolution of 500 line pairs/mm. The broad energy sensitivity range of this camera permits x-ray imaging of both high density and low density devices.

What’s more, the Jewel Box 90-T saves you floor space. It’s half the size of comparable systems, yet it provides the most extraordinary microfocus x-ray image quality at the highest magnifications. The Jewel Box 90-T offers five-axis control of the inspected product, including 360° rotation and tilt. Applications for the Jewel Box 90-T include advanced electronic packages such as BGAs, Flip Chips, CSPs, IC Wire Bonds, die attachment, xZas well as critical medical devices.



• Operating voltage: 120v/60 hz or 220v/50 hz
• Anode voltage: 90 kV, adjustable.
• Anode current: 100 μAmps (adjustable).
• Resolution: 500 line pairs/mm.
• Magnification: variable from 7X up to 2000X.
• Focal spot size: 5 micron.
• Focal spot to image plane distance: 9-12 inches (factory preset).
• Nominal exterior dimensions: 35 1/8”W x 43 1/8”D x 72 3/4”H.
• Inspection compartment dimensions: 28 1/2”W x 30”D x 23 3/4”H.
• Computer Console dimensions: 28 3/8”W x 29 3/4”D x 36 3/4”H.
• Manipulator: five-axis joystick positioner.
• GTI-5000 Image Processing Software
Package includes PC, monitor and
Inkjet printer.