Insite HT and CT Eddy Current


The InSite HT and InSite CT are multi-channel, multi-frequency eddy current instruments. They are both designed to operate at full production line speeds in tough manufacturing environments. Both the InSite HT and InSite CT are available in 2, 4, and 8 channel versions.

The InSite HT eddy current instrument helps you to identify improper heat treatment conditions such as shallow case depth, short heat, misplaced case, delayed quench, short quench, air-cooled, or no heat treatment. The InSite HT can be used to test for proper heat treatment on simple parts such as ball bearings and fasteners, as well as on complex components such as gears, wheel bearings, and axles. The automated eight-frequency, multi-channel test set-up allows for simultaneous inspection for multiple anomalies on a single component.

The InSite CT works with Criterion NDT’s custom probes allowing for testing of complex geometries such as bearings, gears, axles, pistons, and tubing.