Gold Testing Machine

Aczet’s XRF product is based on a German technology, used to measure the composition and purity of materials and is mainly applied in industrial quality control and in process control for manufacturing processes in industries such as jewellery, metals and mining, construction materials and chemicals.


Aczet’s XRF product helps customers to improve product quality and performance, increase productivity, yield and reduce downtime and waste. The entire operation, the evaluation of the measurement as well as the clear presentation of the measurement data is done on a pc using the powerful and User-friendly Xmaster software.

Technology Different energy dispersive detectors are available for measurements of XRF, such as proportional counters (PC), PINdiodes and silicon drift detectors (SDD). The physical principles of these detectors are very different. A PC uses a mixture of a noble gas with a quench gas that is ionized by an incident radiation. The electrons are accelerated in the electric field and can ionize other gas atoms resulting in an internal amplification. In this case the energy for generation of the primary signal is relatively high. In solid state detectors (PIN, SDD), the incident radiation generates charge carriers which are collected by an electrical field. The energy to generate the primary signal is significantly lower than for a PC, i.e. a higher number of primary charge carriers can be generated. This reduces the statistical error and improves the energy resolution. Proportional Counter Detector Gas filled proportion counter has distinct advantages like high efficiency, wide bandwidth larger area where it can be scaled to almost arbitrarily large size.

Silicon Detector (Si-PIN ) Based on high resolution Si-PIN is used for alloys analyzing including precious metals even one step ahead for accuracy & repeatability compare to Gas filled pro counter.


Major benefits of XRF

Versatile testing equipments, potentially solving multiple testing needs with one analyzer. Low initial costs compared to other analytical equipment Minimum operation costs Non-destructive solutions Minimal sample preparation Instant results 60 to 300 sec. Relatively simple technology to learn & obtain accurate, repeatable results. Maximum profits through accuracy Increase turn around and production output In-house quality control Features of XMasteR Application X-MasteR is the user-friendly operating software for the modern suit of X-ray systems. This program used most modern software tools available for Windows® operating platforms. The main task of the operating software is the control of all system parameters such as high voltage settings, X-ray tube current, display of collimators and filters as well as the collection and manipulation of the measurement data.


Empirical calibration mode for calibrating unit using well assessed standard samples. Fundamental calibration mode for standard free calibrations. Simultaneous quantitative measurement up to 8 elements. Qualitative material identification upto 20 elements. Spectrum analysis for semi-quantitative concentration measurement. Statistical functions with mean value, standard deviation, high/low reading, trend line etc. Calibration

Pre-calibrated for Gold and other precious metals. Application

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